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  • Version 1.6.1 Release

    30 Oct 2011
    Our free open source community software (version 1.6.1) has been released. There is only one new feature added: Group Disucssions, including RSS Feeds, Pictures Upload and Files Upload.
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  • Version 1.6 Release

    19 Oct 2011
    A new version (1.6) of our free open source community software has been released. There are several important features were added e.g. group broadcasting. Ignore list was integrated into the messaging system.
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  • Version 1.5.2 Release

    12 May 2011
    The new features of our free open source community software (version 1.5.2) are community files functionality, picture upload to news articles and group events, file upload to news articles and static content, comments for group events and etc. There are some other important improvements e.g. account deactivation, members notifications, Google Analytics integration and etc. You can find the full list of the online community features and the open source patch on the change log page. All the new features are already added to our demo online community website.
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